Skedsmo High School has a wide and deep academic field in all educational areas.

Skedsmo High School is located in Lillestrøm, next to Kjeller airport. Today´s school building was completed in 1986. The school has several buildings, and it is constantly growing. Additional development has been planned for the school; as of today there are approximately 1200 students and will provide for approximately 1500 students in 2020.

Skedsmo High School has a varied education program divided on: 

  • Building and construction
  • Design, arts and crafts
  • Electricity and electronics 
  • General studies
  • Avionics and aircraft
  • Education program for special needs
  • Elementary school department

The school has a wide and deep academic field in all educational areas. We are proud that student surveys show that students experience a high degree of safety and thrive at us. This is partly due to modern premises and well equipped labs and workshops, however primarily due to our 250 enthusiastic and greatly qualified employees. It is a school for each individual student in diversity, which makes us a school for everyone.

International projects


The Germany project Cottbus – Brandenburg

Ever since 1993 we have had a very successful collaborating project with Gymnasium Peitz. After the German school was closed down, the collaboration has been transferred to a new school with the previous German teachers. Our new collaborating school is named Niedersobisches Gymnasium, and it is located in Cottbus.

The Germany project Handwerkskammer Braunschweig- Lüneburg- Stade (BLS)

This project aims to give our students in vocational studies an opportunity to practice their future profession in Germany. The collaboration with Handwerkskammer BLS began in 2008.

We can be contacted by email: post@skedsmo.vgs.no



Judith Kristin Bolstad Siem


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